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Version 1.2.0 - New Firmware and Config App Now Available

New versions of the AudioMoth Configuration App, Time App and Firmware are now available and online. We’ve made specific improvements to use long filenames which are more easily read by users and are compatible with common analysis packages, and also to support local time zones which makes setting recording periods much easier. The new configuration app is compatible with the previous firmware, and vice verse, but to use all the features you should update both.

AudioMoth Basic Firmware (1.2.0)

- Support for long human-readable file names (e.g. 20181212_0930.WAV)

- Support for local time for file names and filesystem timestamps

- Support for reporting the firmware version number

- Improved reliability if an error occurs whilst writing to SD card

- Change to scaling strategy such that samples are now written to WAV file at their native resolution with no additional scaling (e.g. 384kHz files use the lower 12 bits of each 16-bit sample while 48kHz files use all 16 bits).

AudioMoth Configuration App (1.2.0)

- Additional 256kHz sample rate

- Support for using local time for recording periods

- Support for reading the firmware version number and description

- Change to layout to better support use on small laptops with 768 x 1366 displays

AudioMoth Time App (1.0.3)

- Support for using local time

- Support for reading the firmware version number and description

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