AudioMoth USB Microphone

AudioMoth USB Microphone is an experimental firmware that turns any AudioMoth device into a USB microphone. This allows you to plug your AudioMoth into a computer or Raspberry Pi and record audio at sample rates up to 384 kHz. The firmware provides all the same filter options as the standard AudioMoth firmware and supports external microphones if using AudioMoth 1.2.0 or AudioMoth Dev.


To use the firmware, download it from here:


The firmware downloaded above should be written to the AudioMoth using the Local File option within the AudioMoth Flash App. You can revert to the standard AudioMoth firmware at any stage using the Standard Release option.

The microphone is configured using the associated AudioMoth USB Microphone App which can be downloaded below.

The firmware operates in a similar way to the standard AudioMoth firmware:

USB/OFF: When the switch is set to USB/OFF the sample rates, gain and filter options can be set through the AudioMoth USB Microphone App above. The green LED will light when USB is connected.

DEFAULT: When the switch is set to DEFAULT the device will enumerate as a USB microphone implementing the set sample rate and gain. The red LED will flash at a rate determined by the sample rate (identical to that of the standard AudioMoth firmware).

CUSTOM: When the switch is set to CUSTOM the device will again enumerate as a USB microphone implementing the sample rate and gain settings as above, and also the requested filter and advanced settings. You can switch between DEFAULT and CUSTOM whilst recording to see the effect of these settings. 

The AudioMoth will run on power from the USB connector and does not need to have batteries installed.