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Open Source Policy

Open Acoustic Devices strives to promote open-source development. In aid of this, all software and firmware we develop is available online under an MIT open-source license. All hardware developed by OAD is eventually made available under a Creative Commons Attribution license. When a new iteration of the hardware is developed, the previous version is made available.




  • AudioMoth Operations Manual

    • Download​

    • PDF compilation of all tutorials and specifications of the AudioMoth.

Hardware: doi:10.5258/soton/d0334

  • AudioMoth 1.1.0

    • Hardware X

    • Schematics, PCB layout and components for AudioMoth hardware version 1.1.0.


Backend tools:

  • Flash

    • Github

    • A command line tool for flashing EFM32 devices using the USB bootloader.

  • USB HID Tool​

    • Github

    • A command line tool for accessing USB HID devices. Used by audiomoth-hid to interact with AudioMoth devices.

  • audiomoth-hid​

    • Github / npm

    • The underlying Node.js module of all applications interacting with AudioMoths. Handles interfacing between the user's machine and the device over USB.​

Software to support device customisation

  • AudioMoth Project

    • Github

    • The underlying firmware running on all AudioMoth devices. Contains a functioning Silicon Labs project and example main.c for easy development of custom firmware.

  • AudioMoth Time App​

    • Github

    • A simple Electron-based application ​capable of setting the on-board clock of the device and displaying useful information using basic audiomoth-hid functionality.​

  • AudioMoth Flash App

    • Github

    • An Electron-based application ​capable of flashing new firmware onto AudioMoth.​ 

Supported basic software:

  • AudioMoth Firmware Basic

    • Github(Latest release)

    • Basic firmware built upon the example firmware project. Compatible with configuration app.

  • AudioMoth Configuration App​

    • Github

    • The Electron-based application used to set clocks and apply recording configurations to AudioMoth devices with supported firmware installed.​

Hardware resources on this page are provided under the Creative Commons Attribution license. Details are provided here.

All software is provided under the MIT license. Details are provided here.

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