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Arbimon and Open Acoustic Devices


Open Acoustic Devices has been working alongside Arbimon to help develop a number of tools to be paired with their acoustic analysis platform, which aims to bridge the gap between deployment and advanced analysis of acoustic recordings utilizing AI. This work has resulted in the development of the Arbimon Companion App, a mobile application that is compatible with the basic AudioMoth firmware and assists in deployment. Learn more about Arbimon projects and the ecoacoustic analysis platform at

Arbimon Companion App


Use the Arbimon Companion App to set the time and a unique ID on AudioMoth in the field. This app uses the new features of the AudioMoth 1.5 and above firmware to automatically link AudioMoth recordings to deployment geo-location, deployment photos, and more. Available on compatible Android devices.



​​Uploading data


Use the Arbimon Uploader to upload your location-specific recordings directly into the Arbimon platform for analysis. You can find the Arbimon Uploader tool available for free here: Biodiversity Monitoring Tools

Analysing data

Use Arbimon to analyse an unlimited amount of audio from your AudioMoth device. 

Key Features:

  • Powerful Algorithms - Supercharge your biodiversity research with Arbimon’s advanced AI algorithms.

  • Unlimited Data Storage - Upload, save, and organize your recordings efficiently and without storage limits.

  • Free - Analyze your data with our AI & Machine Learning technology, visualize insights, store data, & more for free.

  • Unlimited Users - Collaborate with ease using Arbimon’s multi-user compatibility features.

  • Cloud Computing - Capitalize on the power of AI and cloud computing through our web-based platform.

  • Automated Insights - Visualize, interpret and share your data and biodiversity insights seamlessly.

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