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The online code is now annotated!

AudioMoth's default application firmware and minimum project firmware is now annotated to help users understand and modify their own code.

The annotated code is intended to serve as an example for others wishing to develop AudioMoth applications. The "main.c" file is the only source file users will need to modify to customise their code. The code is annotated line by line, including all definitions and functions.

To edit and compile binary files that can be used to update the hardware the development environment Simplicity Studio can be used. The minimal project to build custom applications can be downloaded from github, this project simply flashes AudioMoth's LEDs. The github project can be imported into Simplicity Studio from the menu bar: File->Import "Existing Projects into Workspace"then browse to the downloaded project folder. The project can be built and compiled into a binary by pressing the hammer icon.

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