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September 15, 2018

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April 24, 2019

We have recently added the design files to enable users to cut their own acrylic enclosure. This acrylic enclosure can be laser cut using the pdf design files on the Resources page or the files can be used to order from any laser cutting service. Any laser cutting service can be used that supports 10mm acrylic sheets. For example, is a UK. The majority of services will accept pdf f...

December 12, 2018

New versions of the AudioMoth Configuration App, Time App and Firmware are now available and online. We’ve made specific improvements to use long filenames which are more easily read by users and are compatible with common analysis packages, and also to support local time zones which makes setting recording periods much easier. The new configuration app is compatible with the previous firmware, and vice verse, but to use all the features you shoul...

It's been an extremely busy Summer for the Open Acoustic Devices team, including field work, workshops, group-buys and product development. Alas, we haven't had much time to send out an update, so we thought it's about time to let you know what we've been up to and what is coming up. 

To recap, we originally designed and developed AudioMoth to solve two conservation applications: detecting the New Forest cicada and detecting gunshots in tropic...

AudioMoth's default application firmware and minimum project firmware is now annotated to help users understand and modify their own code. 

The annotated code is intended to serve as an example for others wishing to develop AudioMoth applications. The "main.c" file is the only source file users will need to modify to customise their code. The code is annotated line by line, including all definitions and functions.

To edit and compile binar...

The new Configuration App and firmware (Version 1.1.0) is now online and available. 

The update includes an experimental 384kHz sample rate and improved sound quality at all sample rates. 

The latest GroupGets order will ship with this firmware version 1.1.0.

For those already with an AudioMoth device, the hardware can be updated by following the instructions at

AudioMoth is now online so all hardware and software design files can now be publicly accessed. This also means that the first group purchase is currently underway on GroupGets.

The first order has been organised by Alasdair Davies of the Arribada Initiative in response to requests from a large number of individuals all wishing to individually acquire the device. By aggregating individual orders into one large bulk purchase, the cost of e...

Belize lies on the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor in Central America and is globally renowned for its abundance of biodiversity, with 60% of the land area of the country still covered by forest. The terrestrial ecosystems in Belize are vulnerable to human overexploitation, and disturbances under the canopy can proceed unnoticed, as the rugged terrain makes it challenging to patrol and monitor. For example, poaching, selective logging and the loo...

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