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Dec 11, 2017

Device not connecting


Hi Everyone, I configured one audiomoth a few days ago and it worked perfectly. Today I tried to configure the rest and when I get to the stage of connecting the audiomoth the time and IS/battery is still greyed out. I have it switched to USB/off and it is flashing green to say its connected but its still greyed out and wont let me configure, help! Thank you

Dec 12, 2017

Did you manage to get this working?

Dec 16, 2017

I did thank you, It turns out not all USB cables work, some only charge and don't allow the transfer of information thank you

Dec 16, 2017

Great. Yes, a couple of other people have reported the same thing. Seems there is no marking on a USB charging cable to distinguish it from one that also has the data lines. I think not putting in the data lines was perceived to be a security benefit when you plug into some random USB socket, but it makes life a bit more complicated.

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  • Hi, I have purchased an AudioMoth to detect the ultrasonic sound emitted by bats. And I would like to know how can I detect i) count number of bats ii) bats' flying direction.   I am doing a project to contextualize bat data through different actuators of Arduino. Using LEDs, speakers, motors, etc to visualize bat data. For example, if frequency = 45kHz, LED will light up; if more bats, the motor will spin faster, etc. How can I do that? And can I transfer the data live, and wireless, using a raspberry pi and upload it to the cloud? Again, how can I achieve that?   Finally, is there any guide to manipulating the bat ultrasonic wav. file to human audible sound or visualize through spectrogram? Any tutorial for that? I am trying to use Adobe Audition.   Many Thanks!
  • Hi, I just wanted to check that the AudioMoth should stay with the switch in the USB/OFF position when using the configuration app? Even when you press "Configure AudioMoth" in the app? Then when ready to turn on in the field, change the switch to CUSTOM? Thanks.
  • Hello, I used to record birds (video+sound) as a hobby in my garden using a raspberry pi computer (+ a camera and a microphone attached to the Pi) and a motion detection software. I stumbled upon the audiomoth, ordered one and I wish to record birds for now. What set up should I use? Any advises welcome... Thank you.
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