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Jul 6, 2018

Device purchase

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Hi, I am a doctoral student from Colombia. Currently, I am developing my doctoral research about the relationship between soundscape and landscape in Andean environments, and I would like to use the AudioMoth recording devices. Is it possible to purchase 30 units?.

When the next Round will be open?. I was checking the GroupGets web but the last Round (Round 4) is not active.

Thanks a lot.


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  • Hi there, I just discovered your AudioMoth device and I have a question about the microphone. What is the type of microphone you embedded inside of it ? Is there a jack input available to use our own microphone ? Thanks a lot for your answer Julien
  • When I was using first time , when moving switch from custom to usb off the small white plastic tab broke off, now it cant be moved and in this setting for good. very disappointed , how do i get a refund ? ? contact customer services .
  • Hello! Does anyone have a prediction of when the next round of groupgets will be? It seems like you can purchase individually, but I am interested in saving the project some cash and making my purchase when prices are lower. Thanks, Alex
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