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How to Buy AudioMoth Products


There are two ways to purchase AudioMoth devices:

1) To provide low-cost access to AudioMoth we run group purchasing campaigns where backers come together to achieve discounts for hardware manufacture and assembly. Campaigns are run on
GroupGets, who fulfil payment, and delivery from the US worldwide. 


2) Our two official distribution partners, GroupGets and LabMaker, normally hold stock for immediate shipping.


GroupGets Campaigns

GroupGets campaigns offer delivery after the successful funding of a campaign and they usually have a lead time of about 60 days. The latest campaigns are shown below.

μMoth 1.0.0 campaigns will continue to run throughout 2021, however, due to microcontroller shortages, AudioMoth 1.2.0 wont be available to group purchase again until mid-2022. 


Immediate Shipping

As well as group purchase campaigns AudioMoth can normally be bought for immediate worldwide shipping from our official distributor stores GroupGets US and LabMaker EU.


Due to the global microcontroller shortage, AudioMoth and uMoth devices may be in short supply during the first half of 2023.

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