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AudioMoth GPS Sync

AudioMoth GPS Sync allows AudioMoth to make audio recordings that are precisely synchronised against GPS time. It consists of custom device firmware that generates standard unsynchronised WAV files along with a custom CSV file containing synchronisation information. A desktop app uses these files to generate synchronised WAV files that are aligned with GPS time to better than 1 microsecond.


To use the firmware, select it from the Firmware menu within the AudioMoth Flash App. The binary can also be downloaded directly here. You can revert to the standard AudioMoth firmware at any time by selecting AudioMoth Firmware Basic from the Firmware menu.

The desktop app can be downloaded below:

See the application note here for the full details on how to use this custom firmware.

Rather than using a configuration app, the firmware reads its settings from a SETTINGS.TXT file on the SD card. There is an example SETTINGS.TXT file here.

Note that this firmware requires that an AudioMoth GPS Board (or equivalent) is connected to the AudioMoth.


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