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Julian Martin
Aug 21, 2018
In Enclosures
I thought I might share my case option as others have kindly done.The yellow foam is, Yelofon used in construction to minimize sound transfer between units.
An alternative case for Audio Moth content media
Julian Martin
Aug 18, 2018
In Configuration Support
I have down loaded the Firmwire & Flash Application & saved these to my computer.(Windows 8), however I any not very techie & have no idea how to open a command window.Having down loaded the above, if I attach the Audio Moth will the computer see it?I had no problems with the initial set up. Help please.Regarding boxes I used a Sistema 200ml box measuring 115 x 90 x 40 mm (h), together with some foam cut to accommodate the Moth with a small hole for the microphone.These are air tight. Iwill use cling film to cover the mic hole.All assistance greatly appreciated.I am hoping to listen for bats.
Flashing Firmwire content media

Julian Martin

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