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Aug 18

Shipment of AudioMoth v1.1.0 (Round 7) units

Aug 19

Hi Agustin,

I have just heard from GroupGets that the units shipped last week from the US, so depending where you are located, they should be with you in a week or so.


Thanks Andy, just got a communication from GroupGets:

"Round 7 of AudioMoth will start shipping this week for all EU orders"


Aug 27


My Round 7 AudioMoths arrived today :-) Build quality looks very good and I can't wait to get these out in the field. A big thanks to everyone involved in making this happen. EwanP

Aug 29Edited: Aug 29

Hi, I received mine, but the unit seems to be defective - LEDs do not blink and the device is not recognized by the configuration App. Is there anything to check except the batteries which are ok.

Aug 29

Hi Kari,

Thanks for the message, sorry that you are having issues. If the switch is set to CUSTOM position with new batteries inserted, do the LEDs remain off or do the RED and GREEN LEDs blink?


@Andy Hi Andy,


Thank you for your prompt reply. If I set the switch to CUSTOM the LEDs remain off.

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Items not received yet (Spain). Have filled a ticket


asking for shipment information, but no answer.

Do other people in the EU have received their orders?

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  • When I was using first time , when moving switch from custom to usb off the small white plastic tab broke off, now it cant be moved and in this setting for good. very disappointed , how do i get a refund ? ? contact customer services .
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