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Jun 6, 2018

Delivery date for round 4 units




Could you give an update on when the round 4 units might be being delivered, I have two units ordered?


Many thanks, Tim

Jun 7, 2018

Hi Tim,


Thanks for getting in touch. We spoke with Circuit Hub today to confirm the delivery date and have a revised date of the 19th June. Their first estimate was the 11th June. We'll share this with all users who were in Round 3 and 4 via email too.


Kind regards,



Jun 28, 2018

hi Alasdair,


Is there any further update on when the round 4 units might arrive?


Thanks, Tim

Jun 28, 2018

Hi Tim,


479 devices left the USA yesterday and are heading to the UK so we can re-distribute. If you ordered directly from GroupGets (didn't enter a UK-based address) then they will be shipping directly to you and you can ask them for your tracking number.


We expect to receive the UK order Monday or Tuesday and will send out orders the next day.


Hope this helps,



Jun 29, 2018

That's great, thanks for the update. Tim

Aug 31, 2018

And what do I have to do if I never received my 7 Audiomoth from round 3? Things were paid, but I never saw them...

Sep 1, 2018

Hi eRey, If you send holly@arribada.org an email with your details and GroupGets order number we can investigate that for you / check any tracking numbers etc. Kind regards, Alasdair

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