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Aug 18, 2017

Trouble downloading app


Hi Alex,


Sorry, I'm having difficulty downloading the app for Windows. Clicking on the 'AudioMoth config for Windows' button opens a blank tab in my web-browser. I've tried in Chrome and Firefox. Right clicking on the button I'm able to download the .exe file, but when I try to run the downloaded file from Chrome I'm prompted to permit the file to make changes. I click yes, but then nothing happens. Opening the .exe from its location I get an error message - see below.


Any suggestions? Thanks,



Aug 18, 2017


Hi Jez,

I've tried downloading and installing the app from scratch on a new machine to recreate this behaviour but couldn't do so. I've emailed you an alternate link to see if the issue was in the download process.

Please let me know if this fixed the issue.



Aug 19, 2017

Thanks Peter. Yes, the link you emailed me worked fine, so all set now. Many thanks,


Hi, i'm having the same problem. Can you please e-mail me the link?

Thank you


Sure thing Karla, I just emailed you an alternate link. I'll also look into what could be causing this for people.

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