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Feb 12

Trouble getting 2 recording periods to work




I have been setting up my AudioMoths for the field, but I have been having a really hard time getting them record at both scheduled times. It is recording in the mornings right on schedule, but I cant get it to record during the afternoon window (01:00-05:00 UTC). I have tried re-configuring these several times now thinking I might have messed something up, but I don't really know what else to do.


I am using 64GB SanDisk Ultra cards formatted using the FAT32 Formatter at: (http://www.ridgecrop.demon.co.uk/index.htm?guiformat.htm


In the AudioMoth Configuration App - firmware version: 1.2.0, I have it set to record from 01:00-05:05 (UTC) and 11:40-15:45 (UTC). Each 4 hour and 5 minute block is setup to record 4 - 1 hour long recordings with a minute sleep in between.


Any Suggestions would be extremely helpful. I am at a loss, and can't deploy these until I get the scheduling figured out.


Thank you,




That all looks correct. I'll try out the same configuration on a device here. It might be worth updating the firmware on the device to the most up to date version.

Can you confirm which version of the configuration tool this is. If you select 'About' under the 'Help' menu option it will tell you.

If you update to the new firmware version 1.2.0 and the new config app version 1.2.1 you can set these times in local time which might also be easier.


In the screen shot you have attached, have you just pressed 'Add record period'? It seems strange that the time in the text fields doesn't match that in the recording list.


Thank you Dr. Rogers,


It looks like I am running Version 1.2.1 ; Electron Version 3.0.0 ; AudioMoth-Hid module 1.0.19.


I have been using the local time button in the configuration app (which is a really nice addition by the way), but I had turned that off and gone back to UTC because I thought that might be what was causing problem. That didn't seem to make a difference.


The text fields for setting up a new recording period are the local times. I must have turned off the local time button after entering the time, (I had pressed add recording period before turning off local time) . The corresponding time in UTC is listed over in the recording period window.


Great. When you deploy the device do you get no recordings at all in the afternoon period? One thing that might be causing confusion is that if you start the device going within one of the recording periods, it will initially wait before starting a recording so that it is on the same schedule as a device that was started outside. This means that if you set the period to be 12:00 - 16:00 with one hour recording and 1 minute waiting, if you start the device at 12:30 say, it will wait until 13:01 to start the first recording, having skipped the 12:00 - 13:00 one. Could this be what you are seeing?

Mar 8

Was your problem every determined and solved? I am having similar issues - not getting recordings for my afternoon time period. Any insights would be helpful.

Hi, Can you describe the setup and exactly what problem you are observing. Alex

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