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Sep 20, 2018

32 bit XP again


Edited: Sep 20, 2018

There has been a couple of recent threads espressing frustration that the configuration software will not install on Windows XP. Comments from Alex and Peter have suggested that since the executable has been built for 32 bit platforms it should work on XP. However, after dipping into the arcane morass that is GitHub, it is apparent that the current version of the compilation tools for js apps (node.js & Electron) will only support Windows 7 and later. As the release notes for the current version of AudioMothSetup state: "Increased required node.jsversion number" & "Increased required Electron version number" it is clear that it will not be possible to compile the app for XP in its current form.


Since the app is not exactly complex, the question is whether it (and other AudioMoth software) could easily be modified so it could either be compiled with a legacy version of the tools or else be ported to another platform which still supports XP.


For example Microsoft Visual Studio still has the option of compiling programs using the "Windows XP platform toolset"which will build applications compatible with XP as well as more recent Windows OS and I believe that there may be other "native js" platforms that can support XP.


Clearly we can only expect such a request to be taken seriously if there is a significant number of AudioMoth users for whom the lack of XP support is a major problem - so please can we have a "show of hands".


Personally all my field work is carried out using legacy netbooks, running XP. These are perfectly adequate for every other application I need to use in the field and having to purchase a new laptop simply in order to service a AudioMoth whilst away from home would completely destroy the cost benefit of the device!

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