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Thomas C Lewis
Nov 13, 2019
In Enclosures
Hi all, I thought I would share my case with the community, it is a variation on a theme but it has worked well in the few tests I have done. The case is a Lock & Lock rectangular 180ml container (HPL805): The inner foam housing is 2 layers of EFP30 Polyethylene closed cell foam sheets 20mm thickness. One is supporting the AudioMoth the other is cut to fit the AudioMoth inside : Then over the hole drilled for the microphone I have used Buzzer Waterproof Acoustic Membranes brought on Alibaba: The box remained watertight under a tap at full strength, focused directly on the acoustic membrane, so I am hoping rain at an angle won't pose too much of an issue. Only thing I am a bit nervous about is the glue holding the membrane, if it will withstand tropical humidity. I will keep everyone updated. Cheers
Small "lock and lock" cases content media
Thomas C Lewis
Jul 17, 2019
In Device Support
Hi, I am interested to add solar panels to my AudioMoths but also retain batteries so that in low light conditions it won't lose power and then in theory it can be deployed until the SD card is full. I know from other posts that a solar panel can simply to plugged into the USB, will this over-ride the power source from the batteries? If there is no power coming from the solar panels can the AudioMoth then use the batteries? Ideally I see a solution where the batteries are being charged by the solar panel and the AudioMoth is being charged by the batteries rather than the solar panel. Has anyone tried to do this? Or does anyone have any suggestions as to how to do this? Cheers Tom

Thomas C Lewis

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