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May 23, 2019
In Configuration Support
Hi everyone, I am using the AudioMoth for the first time and was curious to know if there is a way to program the device so that the recording period can shift on its own, so that sunrise is set 1 minute earlier each day and sunset is set 1 minute later each day. My recording periods are from 21:04-21:14, 22:04-22:14, 23:04-23:14, and 24:04-24:14 at night beginning at 21:04 (which currently is today's local sset time where I live +30mins). I would like to see the AudioMoth continue my recording pattern of 10min recording and 50min sleep periods done 4 times at night, but shift back by 1min each day. This would mean that tomorrow's recording line would begin at 21:05 as opposed to 21:04 from the previous day, with the 10min/50min recording/sleep period kept the same and ending at 24:15. Is this possible to do? We have been using SongMeter SM2s which are able to identify sset and sris and can accommodate the length in day changing over the summer by using a GPS. Thank you! (Also, I am aware that the AudioMoth works on UTC, so I will adjust my times of night according to my timezone of -4:00 UTC)
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