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Aug 09, 2020
In Configuration Support
Hi everyone, Apologies if a thread already exists -- I can't find it. I have next to zero experience recording bats, but would like to do so in parallel with some nocturnal flight call monitoring I am doing in eastern Canada. I'm looking for experience from users with threshold settings for recording bats. I used the suggested settings from the white paper (referenced on github) last night -- 50kHz high pass filter and threshold at '512'. Several bats were indeed recorded, but lots of other stuff (mostly apparent silence) that totaled 3GB (and so most of the night was actually recorded, in only three files). I have access to a bunch of devices, so I'll set them all up with different thresholds tonight to see what happens, but I thought it would be useful for people to share their experiences with these settings, in different environments/locations. Any insight/pointers would be very welcome. Thanks .... Phil Taylor.
May 29, 2020
In Device Support
I have two new audiomoths (the most recent version). I've been testing both of them out for the past month. Both were working fine, but now both have started recording zero byte files. Following advice from another post, I reformatted the cards (in two different windows computers, tried exFat and FAT) but am still getting the same problem. When I set up a short recording and watch, the unit blinks a strong green when recording starts, a couple of reds, then goes back to blinking green. The file created has the right time stamp, but zero bytes. I'm not removing the card prior to the recording finishing. The cards are 32GB Kingston. I can think of a long list of other things to try (new cards, new audiomoths, etc.) but before I go down that route, I wonder if anyone else has encountered this issue (because it is quite possible I've just started doing something silly, and don't realize it). Many thanks, Phil Taylor.


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