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Sandra Müller
Apr 14, 2021
In Configuration Support
Hello, I have a rather urgend problem. I am sitting in a hotel, and the plan was to retreave 10 AudioMoth from the field. Change vbatteries and SD Cards and reploy them. The problem is, i can not get them to connect to the TimeApp the ConfoigurationApp and the FlashApp. I tried EVERYTHING that was suggested in manuals and forum yesterday night. Nothing worked. I have three AudioMoth that were in Acoustic configuration Mode once I set the switch to costum. And I was able to get then to record again to schedule. The other 7 have green and red LEDs constantly blinking and now matter what I do, that does not change. I think the problem is that my labtop does not recognize the devices. Eventhought I have successfully configured AudioMoth with this laptop before. I have updated all drives, as was suggested in one thread. No success. I bought a new Cable, no success. If I could get the other 7 manually to Acoustic Configuration Mode that would work for me. But I don´t get how this can be done. I hope someone ready this soon😊 Best Sandra

Sandra Müller

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