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Rebecca Wang
Aug 09, 2019
In Configuration Support
Hi everyone! So I've been trying to configure my AudioMoths so that they will record 10 minutes, then rest for 20 minutes etc from 7:30am-7:30pm. Since that time period is more than the 5 allowed periods, I've set the device like in the photo below. I've been deploying them around different sites the past week, but every time I check on them in the morning, there aren't any files on the SD card (which were all formatted to FAT32 before I used them and I double check the configuration before putting them in place). What's weird is that the indicator lights are all correct (solid green when configuring on the USB/OFF setting and flashing green when on standby or blinking red when recording when on the CUSTOM setting) and the clock is still correct when I collect them later, it's just that there are no files in the card. I'm wondering if there is a maximum time allowed on the duration for the sleep/record duration that I'm hitting and if so, what should I do about it? (The devices seemed to be recording just fine when I was testing them out in DEFAULT mode, so I'm pretty sure it's not a hardware issue, but I could be wrong). If there isn't a limit, is there anything I should do to troubleshoot the issue and figure out why it's not recording properly?
Rebecca Wang
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