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Jan 11, 2022
In Device Support
Hi all, We have deployed four Audiomoths on Bird Island, South Georgia. The Audiomoths were programmed to record for 10 sec each five minutes but none of them are working correctly. Most of them record a single 10 sec clip before gradually dropping in size over the rest of the deployment 7-8 second (450-500kb), then dropping to 3-4 second (180-250kb) after a couple of days. On attempting to transfer what files there are onto the hard drive there is an error code pops up (error code 0x80070052) ticking the ‘do this for all current items’ and skip files results in no files being transferred to the hard drive. This occurs with all the Audiomoths. Yet, the recordings do play straight off the micro SD inserted into the computer. Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks, Rachel
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