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Jan 13, 2018
In Configuration Support
Hello, After buying several devices, I was under impression that Audiomoth is a high-end offline recorder. Looks like I was wrong, and there is much more functionality in this tiny box. According to this article "The AudioMoth can be programmed to monitor wildlife populations by recording the calls of specific target species while at the same time serving as an alert system when the sounds of human exploitation, such as the blast of a shotgun or the roar of a chainsaw, are detected" This is really amazing, but I can't find in documentation or in forums how this functionality can be enabled. Where should I look? Further down the article says - "some low-level knowledge of the programming language C “is required to achieve full use of AudioMoth’s flexibility and produce new detection algorithm implementations". I'm OK with C, if there are APIs and libraries - that would be great. I really like the device, but am looking for real time processing and alerting in addition to offline recording. Thank you!
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