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Lewis H
Jan 31, 2021
In Flashing support
Hi there, I have several Audiomoths, all have firmware 1.4.4 installed. I have configured them, deployed them in the field and recieved successful recordings from them. However, I want to update the firmware, but when I try to Flash the Audiomoth I keep getting an error message to say the Audiomoth has failed to switch to flash mode. I detach and repower the Audiomoth and try again, but to no avail. I have also tried to manually switch the Audiomoth into flash mode. However, when I get to the paperclip stage, the lights go out but it states that no Audiomoth can be detected. I am running Windows 8, and I am fairly certain that the USB cable is not the problem. Can anyone help me fix this? Thanks in advance

Lewis H

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