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May 28, 2021
In Flashing support
Hi, I have AudioMoths version 1.0.0 and I just flashed some of them using the manual method but a very odd thing happens. The functionality of the switches appears to change i.e. "custom" becomes "usb/off". This means I need to put the device into custom mode to configure it and usb/off to set it to record. I'm pretty sure I followed the flashing instructions as they were provided and the same thing has happened to 5 devices. I stopped flashing the devices when I realised what was happening and I have 15 others I'd like to run on the latest firmware. I've done some tests and it seems like the devices configure ok with this new switch functionality. Any ideas why this happened? Can I fix it? Anyone had a similar experience? Ultimately I don't mind as long as they work.
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