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Carly Batist
Sep 20, 2022
In Device Purchase
I know the global supply chain issues & chip shortages have hit Audiomoth/GroupGets/LabMaker hard, but is there any sort of realistic estimated time that the next GroupGets campaign will be? I keep seeing it pushed further and further back, now into 2023? Is there any more concrete timeframe? Like a target month? I know the Hydromoth campaigns just finished up so didn't know if there would be a focus back to Audiomoths (I realize the recorder is fundamentally the same, case is the big difference & I need the terrestrial case). Thanks!
Carly Batist
May 09, 2022
In Enclosures
Hi, I am having trouble with the membranes on the Audiomoth case getting holes in them (sometimes as wide as the actual opening in the case) which has led to water getting in some of them. Over half of them had holes after retrieval (14 of 20). Is there some sort of stronger/more durable membrane that could be used? I've seen a bunch of threads on this so I know others have had this problem as well. Also saw that you can now buy your own replacement membranes, but they currently are sold out on GroupGets, and anyways I am already in the field (very remote) and need to re-deploy them. What would you suggest using as a DIY fix? Tape? Plastic from a ziploc bag? Any rec's would be much appreciated, thanks!
Carly Batist
Jan 19, 2022
In Device Support
This is almost certainly a dumb question, but now I'm getting paranoid and second-guessing myself... Does it matter whether or not there is an SD card inserted in an Audiomoth when you update the firmware? I know you have to do it either without batteries or take out & re-insert the batteries after updating but was wondering if a similar process had to be followed with the SD card. Thanks!!

Carly Batist

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