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The AudioMoth IPX7 Waterproof Case


The AudioMoth IPX7 waterproof case is designed specifically for AudioMoth version 1.0.0, 1.1.0 and 1.2.0 (without the 3.5mm socket). The case is made from injection-moulded polycarbonate and comes with an adjustable velcro strap, which makes securing AudioMoth simple and easy. The case is compact and highly resilient and will house AudioMoth for extended periods of time in a wide variety of environments.

  • Injection-moulded polycarbonate protective case

  • Sealed using an easy-to-use clasp and compression o-ring

  • Rain hood designed to prevent water pooling

  • Microphone opening protected by a Porelle acoustic vent

  • Comes with adjustable velcro strap

  • Available in green and black

  • More information technical information available here

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