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Jul 2, 2018

Next Purchase Round


Hi AudioMoth,


I am currently doing a research on species of bats/birds by collecting their particular sounds in South Korea and your device seems really interesting so I would like to purchase 10 of your device as soon as possible. When will be the next round that I can join? Also, will it be including cases?


Thank you,

Jul 6, 2018

Hi there,


Careful research of all available audio recorders concluded that the AudioMoth are the best option for our study which is part of a project targeting the conservation of the Red-breasted Goose in Romania. The objective of the study is to evaluate the hunting pressure and poaching accidents within the most important protected areas for this species in Romania. We would like to order 40 items. Planned deployment on the field is scheduled for mid November. Is there any clue about the next round?


Best regards,

Emil Todorov

Jul 6, 2018

Emil - AudioMoth open sourced all of the design, in case you would like to have them built on your own. The price increases to about $77 for qty 50, instead of the larger orders with GroupGets. The downside is you would have to do the board testing yourself and a few of the components (per circuithub) are not in stock. Those shouldn't be difficult to overcome; however, if you wanted them by mid-November you would need to do this soon to allow time for testing. On additional note....I believe one of the AudioMoth team members mentioned that a part was being changed out (EOL'd or maybe just unavailable) and I don't know if they has been fixed in the latest BOM and schematics.


Maybe one of the team members can comment here...in case I have any of this wrong :) Best, Robert

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