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Mar 4

Using Local Time at odd hours off UTC, wanting to record on even hours




I'm running the following versions (on an AdioMoth 1.0.0)


AudioMoth Time App: 1.0.3

AudioMoth Configuration App: 1.2.1

Firmware: 1.2.0


I set the time with the Time app, then in Configuration App, I check local time. I want to record every two hours for 2 minutes, even hours only.

But when I set this, it instead does odd hours. Presumably the settings are for the UTC time, not the local time? How would I configure it to do every 2 hours, but at even-numbered hours local time, when I'm an odd # of hours off of UTC?



Ah, that's an interesting use case that we hadn't thought of.


AudioMoth uses UTC internally. Since you have a full 24 hour recording period set, this gets turned into a schedule running from 00:00 UTC to 24:00 UTC so you are correct that this will generate schedules that record for 2 mins at the start of all the odd hours (due to the odd offset from UTC).


If set the recording schedule to be 01:00 UTC to 24:00 UTC with the configuration app in UTC mode, and then switch to local time before you actually press the 'Configure AudioMoth' button, you should then get recordings at the start of each even hour, and the timestamps will all be in local time as before.

Thank you, that appears to do the trick, but when I got around to testing this, we had changed daylight savings time. Now I'm UTC -6, so I'll only have this problem half the year!

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