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Dec 17, 2017

Timesetter app


Hello, The audiomoths are not changing to my computers time when they are connected so it still says 1970. I tried to download the timesetter app but this doesnt work and says it cannot run on my system, is there a reason for this? I have windows 10. If the app wont work on my computer and I cant get the time to configure when I plug it in is it a problem for now as I'm in the field and need to deploy them tomorrow? The files when I take the off the audiomoth are also not in the right order and I have to reorder them based on date modified, but i dont think this is an issue. Thanks. Jenna

Dec 18, 2017Edited: Dec 18, 2017

Hi Jenna, Did the config app work before you where in the field? Is the green LED lighting up when plugged in to the computer by USB? First thing to try is a different USB cable. Some USB cables do not have data lines so even if the green LED is alight the time might not be getting set. If you don't have a spare USB cable, you can still record without setting the time using the DEFAULT switch position. The recordings will be in 48kHz sample rate. Recordings will start from 1970 so just make sure you record the time when you flick the switch to DEFAULT, and you should be able to calculate when each recording was made. Hope this helps, Andy

Dec 24, 2017

Hi Andy, Yes I did get it working when I attached it to the computer, I have so many cables even one with a data line wasnt working but it was fine when I switched it, i still cannot download the timesetter app I am not sure why, I will try when I am back in the UK. The only think I am struggling with it the time signatures on each 60s recording, for example, I just had 4 devices up for a week and I want to use them to localise the animal so I need to be able to identify the same call on each one, but when I hear a call on one device how do I know what file it should be in on each of my other devices because the first files on each device start at a different time, one at 17 47, one at 18 02 and one at 21 09 and there are more files on some than others, is there anyway to correlate this or do I just have to go through all of them?




Dec 27, 2017

Hi Jenna, Great that you got the devices working. Strange that you can't download the app. Can I check you are downloading the right app? You need to download 'The Configuration App' not the 'Time setter App'.

We haven't tried localising sounds with AudioMoth yet, so we cannot advise on this application. It looks like you will have to manually go through all files.



Jan 2, 2018

If you can find a pet programmer it should be a reasonably trivial task to write a little program that will go through all the files in a folder and convert the names from the moth format to something like yyyymmdd-hhss.mmm where yyyy is the year, mm the month, dd the day etc. so that the time signatures are human readable. Or you could use a program like Bulk Rename Utility to rename the files using the date and time the file was created (modified date gets changed if you copy the files to your PC rather than moving them or renaming them in situ). Hope this helps

Feb 23, 2018

Hi Andy, my question is similar to Jenna's and it is related to the time/date configuration. When I open the audiomoth config app in Mac OS, after connecting the recorder, the time and date are showed but without considering the time zone. How can I properly configure the time for my region (-3 hours related to Greenwich). Thank you, Ricardo.

Feb 23, 2018

Hi Ricardo,

AudioMoth can only be configured to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). This was a design decision to avoid any errors when converting to different time zones. So, you will need to use UTC to make scheduled recordings. I hope this helps.



Feb 23, 2018

Bulk Rename utility can also be used to apply a fixed offset to the file creation/modified times to correct for time zone differences.

Feb 23, 2018

Thanks Justin, this looks like a useful tool.

Feb 23, 2018

Andy, I had massive problems with this. My computer is normally set to UTC as I live in London but when I was out in Costa Rica we were 6 hours behind and I set my computer to that but the audio moth was always showing UTC, it would not change to the time of my computer. Am I right in thinking that it wont change?



Feb 23, 2018

Hi Jenna,

Sorry to hear you had problems with this. Yes that's right, AudioMoth will always show UTC to avoid daylight savings and other time zone variations. Thanks, Andy

Feb 23, 2018

Its okay, once I realised it wouldnt change it was easy to manage. I also managed to dounload the timesetter app once I got back to London, it just wouldnt download in Costa Rica! Thank you

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