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May 9

Example configurations

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Just starting to do some nocturnal bird migration recordings, and I wondered if anyone could suggest a good configuration for this. Bit of a beginner to this, so some help would be appreciated!

May 17

Here is a nice post by Simon Gillings, it would be worth messaging them to see how they configure their devices on the contact page. I suggest starting with long duration recordings at 32kHz sample rate with mid-gain.

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  • Hello, I used to record birds (video+sound) as a hobby in my garden using a raspberry pi computer (+ a camera and a microphone attached to the Pi) and a motion detection software. I stumbled upon the audiomoth, ordered one and I wish to record birds for now. What set up should I use? Any advises welcome... Thank you.
  • Hi there, could someone please point out where I’m going wrong? I’m trying to edit the default settings of the firmware but I’m rather new to all of this stuff. I have tried editing the variables in the main.c file from AudioMoth-Firmware-Basic, then replacing the main.c file of AudioMoth-Project with it, and then building this entire project using the Simplicity IDE. Then I use the .bin file located within the ‘GNU ARM v4.9.3 Release’ directory to flash the firmware of the device. This however results in the device being bricked and requires me to reinstall the regular firmware. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance!
  • Have downloaded apps, the greyed-out areas remain the same, ie. unable to change. When connected to PC solid green light appears.
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