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Oct 11

Configuration woes


Have downloaded apps, the greyed-out areas remain the same, ie. unable to change. When connected to PC solid green light appears.

Hi, Can you confirm what operating system you are using? The most common problem is that the USB cable is a charging cable and has no data lines in it. Do you have another cable that you can try? Alex

Windows. Have tried another. No green light but configuration still greyed out.

What version of Windows is this?

That should all work fine. Can you double check that there are no batteries in the AudioMoth and that the switch is in USB position. Can you then check with the Time App - the clock should start changing as soon as the AudioMoth is connected and the app is running.


Where did this AudioMoth come from?

Will do. Came from Germany - Labmaker

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  • Hi there, can anyone please help me out? I would like to schedule audiomoth to make 5 minutes records every hour during the whole day (thus 24 files per day). However, after twelve hours, only one 5 min file was recorded. I used exactly the same configuration in a second audiomoth device and three five minutes files were recorded. Find in attachments the image of my configuration app. Thanks a lot in advance!
  • Hello! I'm trying to "flash" my audiomoth and when I try to run the flash executable by typing in the command window, it says "no serial ports found". I've been trying for hours and is always the same. I have all the files in the same folder and I have followed all the manual's rules. What should I do? Thank you, warm regards. Camila from Colombia.
  • hi all - i'm new to audiomoth, though i have a little bit of a programming background - and i'm looking to experiment. i'm curious if there is any sort of running list of the kinds of things people have altered the firmware to do, to see what kinds of options might be possible out-of-the-box. thanks, o
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