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Mar 26

AudioMoth Configuration App 1.2.2 & Firmware 1.2.1


Edited: Mar 26


A new version of the configuration app is now available. It includes several bugfixes and small features additions.


Make sure you're using the latest version before making a post in the support forum, as the issue you're having may have been fixed in a subsequent update.


Download app here

Update notes


In order to use the new features added in the new Configuration App, you'll need to update your AudioMoth firmware to the latest version (1.2.1).


Download firmware here

Instructions for flashing your device

Hi Peter! Me and my friend are trying to update the firmware of our audiomoths but have problems with the flash process. We are using Windows 10, and we cannot execute flash in the command window (we cannot open a command window in the folder, because the default option is PowerShell. If we open a command window and try to execute flash, an error message shows up: "The process does not have acces to the file because it is being used in another process). Any leads on what could be the problem? Thanks a lot!

Hi Francisco,


If you want to run Command Prompt rather than Powershell on Windows 10, press the Windows key + R and then type "cmd" into the text box. Then navigate to the folder you wish to work in.


As for that error, do you think you could post a screenshot of it? Does it specify which process is using the flash executable?



@Peter Prince Thanks Peter, I'm still having the error message. I copied the flash.exe file into the new folder in my desktop, but after a wile it appears with 0KB size. I don't understand why and if this could be the problem or not...


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Apr 28

Hi Peter and all

Intended to upgrade the firmware from Windows 7.

The .inf file won't install. Message like "Install method unavailable" (my installed Win7 is in French).

Any tip to overcome that ?




Any solution to the problem with the *.inf file? I'm having the same issue


Yes, this procedure worked out on Windows 7



May 21


Hi Peter Alex's procedure (Oct 25, 2018) to install the driver onto a Win7 was successful. Thank you !

Updating the firmware was then as easy as described.

After that, setting time and recording parametres on the AudioMoth went as usual.

Thanks all again.



Hi, where can I see information about the new capabilities of the app: "enable low battery cut-off" and "enable battery level indication"? Thanks

I'm also interested in more information about these options. Would be nice to know what they do.

@Shawn McCracken Hey guys, I can give a brief description of what they do. When AudioMoth is extremely low on power, occasionally recordings can become corrupted as there's not enough power for a save. "Low battery cut-off" ceases operation of the device before this becomes possible.

"Battery level indication" is the red flashing LEDs when you're in USB mode and disconnect the USB cable. The number of flashes corresponds to the voltage of the batteries connected: https://www.openacousticdevices.info/led-guide If you don't want the devices flashing every time you disconnect them you can turn this setting off.

@Peter Prince Thank you! Will have to play with "low battery cut-off" to test the runtime difference with and without.

Hi, I downloaded this app but I cannot resize the app window to smaller one. I have Linux Mint on laptop. So it is very hard to use it in the field.

Hi Vladimír,

What resolution is your laptop set to?


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  • Have downloaded apps, the greyed-out areas remain the same, ie. unable to change. When connected to PC solid green light appears.
  • Hi there, can anyone please help me out? I would like to schedule audiomoth to make 5 minutes records every hour during the whole day (thus 24 files per day). However, after twelve hours, only one 5 min file was recorded. I used exactly the same configuration in a second audiomoth device and three five minutes files were recorded. Find in attachments the image of my configuration app. Thanks a lot in advance!
  • Hello! I'm trying to "flash" my audiomoth and when I try to run the flash executable by typing in the command window, it says "no serial ports found". I've been trying for hours and is always the same. I have all the files in the same folder and I have followed all the manual's rules. What should I do? Thank you, warm regards. Camila from Colombia.
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