Rainforest Connection (RFCx) Software.


AudioMoth is compatible with various tools from Rainforest Connection (RFCx), who support the eco-acoustics community by building a bridge between deployment and analysis of acoustic recordings.

AudioMoth deployment


Use the RFCx Companion App to set the time and a unique ID on AudioMoth in the field. This app uses the new features of the AudioMoth 1.5.0 firmware to automatically link AudioMoth recordings to deployment geo-location, deployment photos, and more.




Uploading data


Use the RFCx Uploader to upload your location specific recordings directly into Arbimon for analysis. You can find the RFCx uploader downloads on the RFCx website


Analysing data

Use RFCx Arbimon to analyse an unlimited amount of audio from your AudioMoth device. 

Key Features:

  • Store, manage and share acoustic recordings

  • Listen, visualize and annotate recordings

  • Detect species with pattern matching and machine learning

  • Create soundscapes based on acoustic activity