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Jan 26, 2018


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I may be interested in purchasing some of your units for a masters thesis, my advising professor was wondering how long on average an order of devices would take to process and ship? We are based out of Marshall University in West Virginia.





Feb 2, 2018Edited: Feb 2, 2018

Hi Nick,

AudioMoths are manufactured in the US so location wouldn't be a problem. Devices usually ship about 1 month after the group purchase has been made through GroupGets. The third round of GroupGets is in the pipeline for March.


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  • Hi there, I just discovered your AudioMoth device and I have a question about the microphone. What is the type of microphone you embedded inside of it ? Is there a jack input available to use our own microphone ? Thanks a lot for your answer Julien
  • When I was using first time , when moving switch from custom to usb off the small white plastic tab broke off, now it cant be moved and in this setting for good. very disappointed , how do i get a refund ? ? contact customer services .
  • Hello! Does anyone have a prediction of when the next round of groupgets will be? It seems like you can purchase individually, but I am interested in saving the project some cash and making my purchase when prices are lower. Thanks, Alex
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