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Oct 9





Hi there, can anyone please help me out?

I would like to schedule audiomoth to make 5 minutes records every hour during the whole day (thus 24 files per day). However, after twelve hours, only one 5 min file was recorded. I used exactly the same configuration in a second audiomoth device and three five minutes files were recorded. Find in attachments the image of my configuration app.


Thanks a lot in advance!

Can you confirm the version number of the configuration app and the version number of the firmware on the two devices.

The version number of the configuration app is 1.2.2.

Sorry for my ignorance, but how can I access information on the device firmware?

Plug the AudioMoth in and the firmware version will appear in the window at the top of the configuration app.

Can you email me the single file that it did write (alex.rogers@cs.ox.ac.uk).

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That configuration is working fine for us. Are you still seeing the same problem?

Dear Alex (and to whom else it may concern): apperently, my problem was related to the sd cards. I bought new ones (same specification as the old ones but a different brand) and audiomoth is now working just fine.


Alex, thank you very much for your promptness and attention. Best regards,


Great. SD cards seem to be very variable in quality. We are only recommending SanDisk Extreme cards now as they always seem to work reliably.

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