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Feb 8

problem to run audiomoth app


Hello, I have a problem, I have Linux 64bit - Ubuntu. I have used Audiomoth 1.1.1 configuration app. However when I downloaded 1.2.1 and 1.2.0, both start with window which is blank. There is not showed control panel. Please what I have to do? The 1.1.1 is still works well.

Thanks for pointing this out. We'll have a look.

Hi, This seems to work fine for me. Try is running straight from the AppImage. When you download the file, right click it set the Properties / Permissions to allow executing as a program, and then right click and select Run to launch the app. Can you post a screenshot of what appears.

Hi, I did it however nothing has changed. So here is a screenshot after app start. You can see blank window or transparent (in the window this is my background).


Very strange. What version of Ubuntu is this?

Does this machine have a separate GPU? There are some comments online about newer version of Electron (the platform that provides the cross platform app) not working correctly with GPU acceleration in Linux. We can make a build with this disabled and try it tomorrow.

Yes I have separate graphic card. Thank you very much for your effort.

I checked it and the app is working well! Now it is ok. Thank you again.

Great. We'll push that fix into the next official release on the website in a couple of weeks so carry on using that version for now.

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