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Jul 10, 2018

Flash help


Struggling to get Audiomoth working (age related?) I am instructed to "download the relevant Flash application" There seems to be a confusing number of options. What is the correct one please?

I also suspect that as I am on Windows 7 I will find a driver is missing, again what is the name of the missing driver and any advice on source would be much appreciated

I am operating on Windows 7 using Firefox as a browser. My intended use is to record nighttime bird migration calls,

Jul 10, 2018

Hi there,

Is this an AudioMoth you're setting up for the first time and just wish to use the configuration application to set recording schedules with? The flash application is for altering the on-board code itself. I can help you with either.


Jul 10, 2018

Thanks for your interest. Yes, it is a new AudioMoth that I am setting up for the first time. I think I can manage the recording schedules. I assumed I needed to follow the flash application, but maybe I do not. I need to keep life with the AudioMoth as simple as possible



Jul 11, 2018

If you're just keeping it simple then you are correct, only the configuration app is required. Flashing is for more complex applications where you wish to implement features yourself.


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