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Vijay Ramesh
Feb 25, 2020
In Device Support
I have seen two posts on this forum regarding rechargeable batteries. I am currently thinking about investing in purchasing 1.2V Envee 2800mAH rechargeable batteries, as I will be creating much lesser electronic waste compared to purchasing regular alkaline batteries. Apart from operating at the lowest threshold for the Audiomoth's, has anyone used rechargeable batteries for a while now? How does it affect the performance? Did you have to replace them every few days? Any issues with writing data to the SD Card?
Vijay Ramesh
Feb 19, 2020
In Configuration Support
Currently in the field where I deployed two Audiomoths, that were tied on a tree (next to each other). Each recorder was tested with different batteries to test how long they last (Duracell and Eveready). I am currently using a San Disk Extreme - UHS 3 as recommended and the latest firmware - 1.3.0. After 3 days of recording, when I retrieved the memory cards, I see a ton of white lines at high frequencies in almost all of the recordings. Why is this happening? What's the solution?

Vijay Ramesh

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