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Trent Roussin
Feb 12, 2019
In Configuration Support
Hello, I have been setting up my AudioMoths for the field, but I have been having a really hard time getting them record at both scheduled times. It is recording in the mornings right on schedule, but I cant get it to record during the afternoon window (01:00-05:00 UTC). I have tried re-configuring these several times now thinking I might have messed something up, but I don't really know what else to do. I am using 64GB SanDisk Ultra cards formatted using the FAT32 Formatter at: ( In the AudioMoth Configuration App - firmware version: 1.2.0, I have it set to record from 01:00-05:05 (UTC) and 11:40-15:45 (UTC). Each 4 hour and 5 minute block is setup to record 4 - 1 hour long recordings with a minute sleep in between. Any Suggestions would be extremely helpful. I am at a loss, and can't deploy these until I get the scheduling figured out. Thank you, Trent
Trouble getting 2 recording periods to work content media

Trent Roussin

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