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Aug 23, 2019
In Device Support
Hi, I want to carry out a study on bats in a forest in the middle of Germany. Because every protection of the microphone causes a large reduction in the detection range at these high frequencies and the devices are deployed only at rainless nights, I would like to use them without any acoustic vent or something else for protecting the microphone. (Instead, I will protect only the PCB with the plastic bag, cut a hole in it and fix the edge of the hole with an adhesive tape on the device around the hole of the microphone.) But even if the devices are used only at rainless nights, maybe the variation in temperature will causes some condensation at the microphone. Therefore, the question I have is, could the moisture from fog or dew causes some damage of the microphone or is there no problem in my application without any protection of the microphone? Thank you very much!
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