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May 28, 2020
In Device Support
Hi all! I hope this question is appropriate for this forum, and that you can possibly help lead me in the right direction. I'm using the warbleR package in R and I'm getting an error in my coding in the first steps of the analysis. I'm trying to filter my recordings in the coding, and I'm getting a specific error: > wavs [1] "Catharus-ustulatus-100584.wav" "Catharus-ustulatus-100585.wav" "Catharus-ustulatus-100586.wav" [4] "Catharus-ustulatus-100587.wav" "Catharus-ustulatus-101352.wav" "Catharus-ustulatus-101353.wav" [7] "Catharus-ustulatus-101354.wav" "Catharus-ustulatus-101356.wav" "Catharus-ustulatus-101436.wav" [10] "Catharus-ustulatus-101879.wav" "Catharus-ustulatus-104708.wav" "Catharus-ustulatus-105737.wav" [13] "Catharus-ustulatus-21791.wav" "Catharus-ustulatus-21792.wav" "Catharus-ustulatus-2853.wav" [16] "Catharus-ustulatus-63227.wav" "Catharus-ustulatus-65833.wav" "Catharus-ustulatus-67148.wav" [19] "Catharus-ustulatus-70477.wav" "Catharus-ustulatus-70509.wav" "Catharus-ustulatus-79664.wav" [22] "June2830_sample.wav" > # tiff image files are better quality and are faster to produce > lspec(flist = wavs, ovlp = 10, it = "tiff") | | 0 % ~calculating Error in readChar(con, 4) : invalid UTF-8 input in readChar() In addition: Warning message: In readChar(con, 4) : truncating string with embedded nuls I tried to subset the data with only two or three .wav files, but I get the same error. Any guidance is greatly appreciated, thanks SO MUCH! Sarah
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