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Saskia D
Jun 18, 2021
In Configuration Support
Dear all, I wanted to install the configuration apps on my university laptop. However, due to security reasons this got quite complicated: The installation got blocked because the apps automatically choose a location on the computer. In this case a location on my uni laptop, where it is not allowed to install programs. The IT service could help in the end by unzipping the folders at a different location. However, they told me that preferably a program should ask where to install it, otherwise it is assumed that you have access to everything on your laptop (like a private one). Given that the AudioMoths are widely used in research at universities and they become stricter with IT rules, I just wanted to forward this issue because I might not be the only one encountering this problem installing the software. Best regards and many thanks for the development and support of the recorders! Saskia
Saskia D
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