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Ray Shimo
Jun 01, 2022
In Configuration Support
Hi all, I recently updated my AudioMoth 1.2 device's firmware to 1.8.0 and Configuration app to 1.7.0. Since then I am unable to configure it with a correct local time. Whenever the device is USB connected, year is always set to 1970 and time is wrong as shown below. I am based in Japan and would like to use UTC+9, which is correctly displayed, but date and time are not. When unplugged, the configuration app shows a correct date and time. My machine is Macbook 12" (2017) and OS is Catalina. I also tried on a Windows PC but the result was the same. I removed and reinserted batteries, and even downgraded the firmwares of the device and app, but they changed nothing either. Does anyone have the same issue? or any idea to solve this? Any info is appreciated. Cheers, Ray
Time code issue (Unable to use local time) content media

Ray Shimo

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