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Andrew Lewis
Jul 20, 2019
In Configuration Support
Hi there, Can anyone please provide the actual values for each of the Gain settings inclusively between Low and High on the Configuration app? We are trying to calculate whether the AudioMoth will record species of Hoverflies? Many thanks, Andrew.
Andrew Lewis
Jul 02, 2019
In Enclosures
Hi there, Does anyone know the position of using unattended audio recording devices in the UK with regard to GDPR, Data Privacy and other legislation, please? We intend to seed transects with AudioMoths in the UK outback and it is possible passing conversations may be recorded? Since we are intending to use proprietry pollinator identification software without 'listening' to the recordings, we are not interested in anything said, other than filtering it out; but the passers-by might be concerned at being 'bugged'? Any pointers or advice gratefully received. Has anyone else run into this issue? Tally ho!

Andrew Lewis

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