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Pooja Choksi
Oct 09, 2020
In Device Support
Hello! I looked around for a post on this but couldn't find anything on the forum. Some of my audio files have a mirror image of the lower frequencies (below 12 kHz) at higher frequencies (above 12 kHz) - see screenshots attached. The audio is fine, I can identify the birds of interest from the audio clip. However, I imagine I can't use this data for any kind of spectral analysis. Why do you think is happening? Thank you!
Spectrogram- mirror image of low frequencies at higher frequencies content media
Pooja Choksi
Jun 02, 2019
In Configuration Support
I am trying to configure my recorder, and I've run into some trouble configuring the date and time. The time is off by approximately two hours and the date won't change from 1/1/1970. I've tried using 3 different USB cables and 2 laptops (Mac and Windows OS). It's still not working. What do you recommend? Thank you!
UTC Date and Time not configuring correctly  content media
Pooja Choksi
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