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Paulo Eduardo Cardoso
Apr 01, 2020
In Device Support
I've deployed my device as part of Silent Cities project and while in testing the config I realized that electronic noise is being recorded. I'm using the requested project configuration: sampling rate = 48kHz, low Gain. I've attached a sample wav file. I'm using regular alkaline batteries and the pack voltage seems ok to me. All the best, Paulo
Paulo Eduardo Cardoso
Aug 01, 2018
In Configuration Support
Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to apply frequency filtering to AudiouMoth firmware in order to record bats only. Something similar to the approach described in the Methods Ecol Evol paper where frequency filtering was applied to record cicada using a 8-14KHz range filtering. Apparently custom frequency setting is not discussed at Github Minimum Project Firmware. Could the custom code used in the paper be shared? All the best, Paulo
Paulo Eduardo Cardoso
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