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Aug 31, 2019
In Device Support
Hi If I plug the Audiomoth into my PC USB with the switch set to USB/OFF then the Audiomoth enumerates and the green LED stays on and the Config app recognises the Audiomoth. But if I do the same thing with batteries inserted in the Audiomoth, then the green LED goes out after a few seconds and the Config app does not recognise the Audiomoth and Windows device manager displays an error saying the device is unknown because the device descriptor request failed. This makes it impossible for me to configure the Audiomoth, because I can only configure it with the batteries out. But without the batteries the configuration is lost when I disconnect the USB cable. I am using Config app version 1.2.2 The Audiomoth has firmware version 1.2.1 I am running Windows 10 64-bit. I have verified that the Audiomoth records if the switch is moved to the DEFAULT position with the batteries inserted and USB not connected. Please advise. Thanks, Nigel
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