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Sep 15, 2022
In Configuration Support
I got the new Hydro Moth. and Wow it really looks great. However I wasn't able to configure it from my computer, as I think there is a conflict with USB drivers with another logger I have - EasyLog. My workhorse computer is used for lots of loggers, and also has Visual Studio Code on it. When I plug in the HydroMoth - there is an error as it thinks it is "EasyLog USB Device", and so is never found by "AudioMoth Configuration App" I've documented it here, but may be I'm doing something wrong, so please advise I did try it on my wife's computer - and the "AudioMoth Configuration App" worked there, so at least I learnt how its supposed to work. It would be nice to work on my computer. :) so I thought I would check out if anybody else has seen this, or if need to do something different? I'd like to be able to review the HydroMoth on so thought I should try and solve the problem here first.


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