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Thomas Meierkordt
Mar 22, 2019
In Configuration Support
we try recording over night, means starting 08:00 p.m.(20:00) till 05:00 a.m. As the result the configuration App (very. 1.2.1) creat two recording periods. 1. 00:00 till 05:00 a.m. 2. 20:00 till 24:00 The problem now: the audiomoth is starting with the first (1.) period. We are missing the time window of the 2. period (20:00 till 24:00) Before we have installed the Audiomoth update (Firmware version. 1.2.0) everything works fine, means starting time 20:00 till 05:00 a.m. without a break. What is going wrong after the Firmware update or what must be done from us?

Thomas Meierkordt

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